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Meet Pam

"Pam Russo spent 35 years as a nurse at St. Rose Hospital and a health advocate in our community. This long history makes her a qualified leader to serve on the Eden Health District Board."

 ~Assemblymember Bill Quirk



As a nurse, l learned early on the importance of leadership. With a 35-year career at St. Rose Hospital, I learned to prioritize, respond to critical situations, set goals and measure successes. I also learned to pause, listen and advocate.


These lessons have allowed me to venture into new roles. Shifting from a caregiver at the bedside, I was able to expand health services beyond the walls of the hospital and out into the community. I opened clinics for women and children and expanded cancer and cardiac services for our community.

As a newly appointed Director to the Eden Health District Board, I have already demonstrated a progressive vision by actively engaging in the emergency response Coronavirus efforts in partnership with the Hayward Fire Department.


Born and raised in Hayward and a long-time resident of Castro Valley, the Eden Health District is my community. 

I hope I can count on your vote 
in November for the
Eden Health District Board.

Mia's parents at playground lwr res trim

Pam served as a Project and Creative Team Member and the Fundraising Lead for
Mia's Dream Come True Playground in Hayward. 

To learn more about Mia's Dream Come True Playground, click here for video link.

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