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I am proud to have the support of these community leaders and partners. 

"Pam Russo, RN, has worked alongside us as we test our community for COVID 19.Her partnership with the Hayward Fire Department is longstanding and we fully endorse her candidacy for

the Eden Health District."

~Andrew Ghali, President

Hayward Firefighters Local 1909

Congressman, Eric Swalwell

Assemblymember, Bill Quirk

Alameda County Supervisor, Wilma Chan
Alameda County Supervisor, Nate Miley

Alameda County Supervisor, Richard Valle
Alameda County Assessor, Phong La

Mayor of Hayward, Barbara Halliday
Mayor of San Leandro, Pauline Cutter

Hayward City Council Member, Sara Lamnin

Hayward City Council Member, Al Mendall

Hayward City Council Member, Elisa Marquez

Hayward City Council Member, Mark Salinas

Hayward City Council Member, Francisco Zermeño
San Leandro City Council Member, Deborah Cox

Castro Valley MAC President, Ken Carbone

Castro Valley MAC Councilmember, Chuck Moore 

E.B.R.P.D. Board, Ellen Corbett

E.B.R.P.D. Board, Dennis Waespi

H.A.R.D. Board of Directors, Paul Hodges, Jr., President

H.A.R.D. Board of Directors, Rick Hatcher

H.A.R.D. District Board, Minane Jameson

Hayward Unified School District Board, Ken Rawdon
Hayward Unified School District Board, April Oquenda
East Bay MUD Board, Frank Mellon

San Leandro Mayor Emeritus, Shelia Young

San Leandro Former Vice-Mayor Jim Prola

Alameda County Democratic Party 
Hayward Area Democratic Club

Southern Alameda County Young Democrats 
Castro Valley Democrat Democratic Club
Alameda Labor Council

Building and Construction Trades Council of Alameda County
Hayward Firefighters Local 1909
Teamsters Joint Council 7 

Teamsters Local 70
Sprinkler Fitters Local 483
Asian Pacific American Democratic Caucus of Alameda County
NAACP Hayward South Alameda County President, 
Freddye Davis
ASPEN, American Sikhs Political Engagement Network

GGN!, Hayward Chamber of Commerce (PAC)

Hayward Chamber of Commerce
Robert Sakai, Attorney/Community Leader

Dr. Ramiro Garcia, Chief of the Intensive Care Unit, St. Rose Hospital
Dr. Steven Verbinski

Dr. Clifford Tschetter
Retired Hayward Fire Chief, Craig Bueno

President/CEO EFD Associates LLC, Fran David
Community Leader & Businessperson, Chris Zaballos
Hayward Planning Commissioner, Dan Goldstein

Former General Manager, H.A.R.D., Paul McCreary

Dr. Marlena E. Uhrik, Founder/Former Executive Director, The Kids’ Breakfast Club

Please reach out to me to become one of my endorsers! 
Pam Russo


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